New Year – Bible Reading Tips and Tools

Happy New Year! Perhaps 2013 will be a year when I manage a few more posts on this blog.

But far more importantly, I hope 2013 will be a year when you and I get stuck in to our Bibles more. There is nothing that will do more for your walk with God and your general spiritual encouragement than taking regular time to be in His Word and praying. I write as one that finds this hard, but has seen the benefits. So here are a couple of resources which I have found useful/encouraging.

To get you started – here is an encouraging post which just encourages us to get reading!

Secondly, many folk find notes or devotionals of some kind a help. I am really enjoying using The King’s English. You can get it from Lulu in a print edition. Or it is available on Amazon in the Kindle edition.

Thirdly, for those of you with ipads and ipods, I have found a very useful free app which allows you to follow a variety of Bible reading plans – e.g. Bible in a year, Psalms in a month, etc. etc. The nice thing about this is you can tick off when you have done the reading so you can keep track, and you can make it link in to whatever Bible app you use on your smart device – so you can instantly link to the reading. It will also synchronise over the Internet so you can do the reading on any device and keep track on all of them. Very simple, and it just works. ReadingPlan

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