TheVirtualWord is a slightly self-indulgent place for Phil Sweeting to share his ramblings on life and theology. It’s been running on and off for quite a few years but has been somewhat neglected in spite of having two regular readers.

I have many other interests, notably in the areas of music, conjuring and technology, and more recently – whether as a result of lockdown or middle age – in gardening and DIY, so the odd post may be off topic.  

I currently serve at Monyhull Church and if you wanted to get a feel for what I believe you can listen to my latest sermons here or watch them here (I’m the one grimacing in most of the preview shots).

I have a real heart for the pastoral care of those in ministry and since early in 2023 have been privileged to serve part time with Living Leadership (and I occasionally contribute to their blog too).

For transparency, when I link to a resource I will often use an affiliate link. This has no impact on the price you pay for the item, but does mean that if you decide to make a purchase I get a small commission. These small amounts go towards the costs of running the site, and keeping me in books. If you’d rather just directly help to keep me in books, you can see my ‘curious reads‘ list here.