Top Summer Read – get Connected – and delight in the Trinity

At the church where I serve we like to reccomend a ‘Book of the Month’. This is a bit of a misleading title since we rarely get round to recommending things more than every 2 or 3 months, but somehow it has a better ring than book of the quarter. But this summer we cannot recommend highly enough this excellent new book from Sam Allberry: Connected.

One of the deeply wonderful things that God reveals about Himself is that He is one God in three persons. If you really want to get to know someone, then you need to understand what they are like, but in practise I think many of us scratch our heads when we hear about this doctrine and it is filed, as Sam says, “in the drawer of ‘Things That All Good Christians Believe’ and then never really seen again”.

In Connected Sam does a brilliant job of showing why this is a vital doctrine – and then takes the even more important step of showing how it unpacks into every day life. Because if God is Trinity, then that will have profound implications for every part of the world and people He has made. A Trinitarian God creates Trinitarianly. And so we see this truth applied to the church, to relationships, to prayer and to worship.

Sam has a real gift of communicating complicated ideas simply, and has an amusing and light tone which makes this a very easy book to read. It is a thoroughly Biblical and a deeply profound book, which I intend to read again, and would certainly recommend to anyone who wants to deepen their faith and understanding of God.

Why not take something encouraging on holiday with you this year? Get Connected.

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