Sometimes things just work… a brief note in praise of Laridian Bible Software

Back in the day (in fact in 2006 to be precise) I was running the latest in a long line of trust Palm PDAs. I still have my Tungsten and it still works, but a year or so ago I saved up for a shiny new Ipod Touch to serve musical needs as well as PDA functions.

Well today I discovered that I can get the Laridian Bible reading software (now called Pocket Bible) for my Ipod Touch for free – and what is more all my existing purchases can be effortlessly ported to the new platform at no extra cost. In my experience this very rarely happens in the software industry and so I am highly appreciative of Laridian‘s policy.

I have yet to play with the software at any length on the Ipod so am currently unable to comment on its usability. But I may post a more detailed review as time permits.

In the meantime, if you’ve used them before and have new hardware, definitely worth checking out Laridian Electronic Publishing.

And probably worth a look even if you haven’t…

2 thoughts on “Sometimes things just work… a brief note in praise of Laridian Bible Software

  1. Hi Phil,

    I would also recommend Olive Tree ( The UI is great on iOS devices, they also have newly designed Windows and OSX software, and (like Laridian) a purchase of a resource makes it available on all platforms. Again, the core app is free to download (comes with the KJV, I think)


  2. Thanks for that Mike. Although I used Laridian a lot, the one I used to love on the Palm was Bible+ which was both free and included Hebrew and Greek texts. I haven’t found a decent (free) one of those yet for iOS. Though I have just spotted that Olive Tree does offer a free SBL Greek text. Maybe I’ll give that one a try too…

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