God is back? Or maybe not?

And I didn’t realise He had gone!

Two interesting articles in The Times in the last few days.

On Saturday we heard that Ned Flanders and his evangelical buddies have ‘won the evangelical crusade.’ Whilst I wouldn’t agree with everything in the article, it is encouraging that there is the recognition that the myth of modernity (that we would all rationalise away God) is being recognised for what it is – a myth – in the national press. Read more here.

The (inevitable?) backlash came today when we learned that Rumours of God’s return are greatly exaggerated. A slightly more annoying article, this one, returning to the usual cheap jibes.

Questioning the statistics is fine; even suggesting that pet-ownership is better for you than religion is an interesting claim. But the unjustified assumption that religion is something that should be private not public (why? says who? on what basis?) cannot just be stated.

And the implicit criticism of ‘religious conservatism’ being a danger when it affects the sexual education of our children is an another example of the double standards of the secularists. Where is the evidence that this early sexual education is helpful in reducing teenage pregnancies etc.? There isn’t any. It is assumed without any evidence in support of it, and in spite of the tangible evidence of the lack of effectiveness of this policy in our own country.

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