For your encouragement

Two things which have been a blessing to me. They’re not new, but they’re well worth a look…

First, Woodland Presbyterian Church. This is the church where Dale Ralph Davis pastors, and they are publishing his sermons online. Always worth hearing. (But be warned – some of the older ones are in .wma not .mp3 format.)

Second, Future Grace. This is a wonderful book by John Piper, first published many years ago, but I recently picked up in a second hand shop. It is a really encouraging read. He seeks to motivate us to live the Christian life in the light of God’s promises for the future. Wonderful.

If you want a free preview – chapters 1-3 are available at Desiring God. Or you can pick it up at Amazon…

4 thoughts on “For your encouragement

  1. Thanks, Phil. Last time I looked I couldn’t find much audio by Dale Ralph Davis online, so thanks for the tip-off. I’ll have a listen…

  2. Dale Ralph Davis tells us the same stories from the Old and New Testament,but with a freshness and life,showing us with deft strokes their deeper meaning.One inner rebellion that cuts through the masks and facades of dead tradition,and morality.To listening his preaching , for my is truly adventure through the Bible.Thank you Dale….

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