The Dawkins Delusion

Dawkin’s latest bestseller The God Delusion was recently recommended to me. Not because the person in question throught it was a good book (although he did acknowledge that Dawkins writes well), but because, so he said, therein you see the unravelling of atheism. In particular he made the point that so ‘polemical’ is Dawkins becoming that even a number of his atheist friends are distancing themselves from this latest diatribe.

Now I must confess that I have not read the book yet myself. But a reviewer from Prospect magazine decsribed the book as ” dogmatic, rambling and self-contradictory” (you can read the whole review by following the link).

I confine myself to a single comment. When I did pick up the book in a bookshop the other day I was intrigued to note which intellectual heavyweight Dawkins chose to endorse the book on the back cover – Derren Brown…

1 thought on “The Dawkins Delusion

  1. Morning, Phil. Thought you’d vanished – you “blog” even less frequently than I do, and I don’t even have a blog! 🙂

    Do you think anyone has read the Dawkins book? It’s too long. I’ll probably get a copy someday to put alongside my other Dawkins books, which I haven’t read either. And does anyone actually agree with him any more? Atheism is so unfashionable these days.

    Back to work…

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