Afghanistan, Death Threats and Peace

I have been horrified to read this morning of calls for the execution of Christnas (Muslim converts) made from the floor of the Afghan Parliament. The initial horror is in no way diminished by the fact that this is precisely what we should expect from an Islamic government. The Afghan constitution, based on Islamic Sharia law, clearly calls for the arrest and public execution of anyone who leaves Islam for another religion.

It also calls into question the wisdom of seeking to ‘buy peace’ with the Taliban. President Karzai appears to be pursuing a policy designed to produce a ‘Taliban-friendly’ society. When International forces withdraw, what kind of state will be left? Why does this aspect of the situation in Afghanistan never make the headlines?

Please pray for persecuted Christians in Afghanistan – and for those Afghan Christians who have been forced to flee the country due to the threats against them. And pray against such an oppressive regime establishing itself more firmly.

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