Gospel Filters on your Fingers

In our Ethics class yesterday we were thinking about the way that your ‘filters’ affect your interpretation of events, and can influence your reaction to events.

Remembering Gospel realities can be a good way of restoring correct perspective in the face of difficulties (or blessings) and can help to re-cast your response to a situation, and gradually re-form your character, in the likeness of Christ.

Fieldy mentioned 5 Gospel Filters which were a great starting point for seeing the world correctly. So if you are a Christian, and have at least one hand, why not use it to remind you of these great truths…

Gospel Filters on your Fingers

(as I was searching for a suitable image to use to create this, I came across the following which is a similar idea with respect to the Word of God – another great resource from the Navigators – The Word Hand.)

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