Christians Engaging with Society

Last week I had the benefit of hearing a presentation by Christian Concern for Our Nation and wanted to bring their good work to the attention of anyone who happens to read this site.

I was very challenged by the way that over the last few decades in the UK we have enabled our faith to be so easily privatised, and the way in which laws which are designed to achieve one thing, can have very different, often unforseen consequenecs.

In many ways the ungodly laws which are currently being passed can be seen as God’s judgement on our nation. This is a time for Christians to repent – of our own failure to act, and on behalf of our nation (see Daniel 9) – and to cry out to God for mercy on our nation. And we need to seek to act where we can to lobby for better laws.

Of course, real change requires God to change people’s hearts, so we need to be praying too for revival in our land. And we need to be working hard to share the gospel with those who have never heard it.

And perhaps above all to pray for wisdom to know how to balance these different ways of living out our faith, and the boldness to do so.

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