Spiderman & Salvation

We went to see Spiderman 3 yesterday.  A good film, if a little longer than would have been ideal!  For a more in-depth discussion, here is one of a number of reviews and comments at Hollywood Jesus.

I will limit myself to a few observations.

As with the almost painfully blatant ‘Christian allusions’ in last year’s Superman Returns, S3 plays obviously with Christian themes.

For example:

  • There is a strong (and commendable) message of ‘forgiveness’ as a great key to life, but it is mixed in with a great deal of popular ‘self-realisation’ babble. 
  • The idea of sin within even ‘heroes’ is brought out – but even here there is a strong element of lack of responsibility for this – it is the fault of the ‘symbiote,’ not of Peter Parker.
  • Spiderman undergoes some manner of ‘redemption’ within a church, but alarmingly at the same time, it almost appears that Eddie’s prayer for the death of Spiderman is going to be granted. 
  • And the ‘New Goblin’ manages both forgiveness and self-sacrifice.

But at the end of the day, even in Aunt May, the most obviously ‘devout’ character in the movie, the Christian message has been watered down and removed from the great Biblical themes of Sin and Redemption.  Redemption appears to be attainable by the individual, without the need of the help of God – even without the help of a ‘superhero.’

Nevertheless it is great fun as a movie, and perhaps thought-provoking for the intelligent viewer.  Enjoy it, and be thankful that the story it tells is only a shadow of God’s glorious story.

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