8 thoughts on “Meet the team…

  1. They are lurking as ‘alt tags’ on the images, but I agree it would be useful to add them in the text. However, until I get a few more submissions from the staff to update my spurious entries, I am not bothering to update them!

  2. Until you mentioned Mr Bean in the same context as Phil Moon I had never seen the similarity – now you mention it, it’s an uncanny likeness!

  3. Good to visit your excellent site, will be poppong into your church this evening as there is no service at my own church was ;ast there when the young folk took it and did so very well. Best Wishes for the new year to all

  4. Phil – is this you? Is this what they call a blog?
    Very good and professional if it is you, but how do you spell licence? c when a noun, s when a verb, didn’t they teach you anything at Cambridge?!?

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